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The Proper Order To Apply Makeup

Posted by Adaobi Eze 20/04/2017 0 Comment(s) Beauty,What's New,

The Proper Order To Apply Makeup.


1. Mosturizer:

Massage into your skin. 
Wait few minutes before the next step.

2. Primer:

Primer holds your make up in place.

3. Foundation:

 Apply foundation that matches your
 skin tone.

4. Concealer:

Apply concealer to cover up the blemishes and spots
that show through the foundation.

5. Bronzer:

Brush bronzer across the places on 
your face that get hit with sunlight such
as cheek bones, nose, and  forehead .

6. Blush:

Highlight your cheeks with blush brushed
over the bronzer.

7. Eyeshadow:

Eyeshadow will cover up liner so
make sure its your first step in your
eye routine.

8. Eyeliner:

Apply your liner in a smooth line over
your eyeshadow.

9. Mascara:

Mascara will only get in the way (and
catch extra eyeshadow) if you apply it
first. Save it for after the liner.

10. Brow Liner or Gel:

Your brow should match the intensity
of your eye. So do those after you
finish your eye make up.

11. Lipstick:

Start your lips with an even coat of 
lipstick or lip-balm.

12. Lip Gloss:

Finish off yor pout with a shiny gloss.

13. Setting Powder:

Use a setting powder to hold everything
in place.

14. Setting Spray:

Finally,.use a setting spray to keep 
your make up intact preventing it 
from smudging.




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